Shop Veteran-Owned Businesses on PublicSquare for Veterans Day

Published on
November 8, 2023

Honor Our Heroes: Shop Veteran-Owned Businesses for Veterans Day

Veterans Day is approaching on November 11th. This federal holiday honors the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces. What better way to celebrate their service than by supporting veteran-owned businesses?

Here at PublicSquare, we make it easy to find and shop veteran-run companies that align with traditional American values. This Veterans Day, we encourage you to vote with your wallet by purchasing goods and services from these patriotic entrepreneurs.

Why Support Veteran-Owned Businesses?

There are over 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses in America employing over 5 million people. When you shop from these businesses, your money directly helps veterans and their families thrive. Here are some of the top reasons to show your support:

  • Honor Their Service: Veterans selflessly put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms. Spending your money with their businesses is a tangible way to express gratitude for their sacrifices.
  • Strengthen Communities: Veteran-owned companies create jobs, boost local economies, give back to charities, and set positive examples. Your purchases make a direct impact on veteran communities.
  • Get Quality Products: Companies owned by veterans emphasize discipline, training, strategic thinking, and resilience. This translates into outstanding products, top-notch services, and premium quality.
  • Share American Pride: Veterans take pride in our country’s ideals and are passionate about the American spirit. Shopping their businesses allows you to affirm these shared values.

Some of our Favorite Veteran-Owned Businesses on PublicSquare

PublicSquare proudly features over a hundred veteran-run businesses that reflect traditional American principles. Here are some top picks across a variety of categories:

Guns & Ammo on PublicSquare:

DFC Arms

  • DFC Arms is a veteran-owned gun shop that offers firearm customization services like Cerakote finishes and laser engraving.

Freedom Fatigues

  • Freedom Fatigues is an apparel company that sells patriotic shirts, hats, stickers, and other accessories with pro-America and pro-freedom messaging.

The Musa Store

  • The Musa Store is a veteran-owned tactical gear company that provides apparel, accessories, and equipment for law enforcement, military, and civilian enthusiasts.

AZ Gun Safe

  • AZ Gun Safe is a family-owned business that handmakes patriotic American flag cases and custom gun concealment cases in the USA.


  • Tacticool22, a veteran-owned business in Springfield, Oregon, produces high-quality firearms accessories developed by shooters for shooters, offering custom parts and accessories for a wide range of firearms, with a strong focus on quality and fitment.

The Warrior Solution

  • The Warrior Solution is a website offering patriotic clothing, gear reviews, and a YouTube channel focused on military and police gear testing, along with a variety of weapon accessories, ammo, and more.

The Gun Vault & Company

  • The Gun Vault & Co. is a family-owned and veteran-operated business that provides an extensive selection of long guns, pistols, top-brand accessories, and ammunition. Their inventory includes sought-after firearms and rare ammunition items.

Coffee & Tea on PublicSquare:

Salty Sailor Coffee

  • Salty Sailor Coffee Company is a veteran-owned coffee roaster that ethically sources and roasts coffees and teas from around the world and sells them along with branded merchandise.

North Arrow Coffee Company

  • North Arrow Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roaster that ethically sources and carefully roasts coffees to order, offering single-origin beans and monthly subscriptions.

Hunter Brothers Coffee

  • Hunter Brothers Coffee donates 10% of profits to veteran causes. As a small-batch roaster, they ensure the highest quality and freshness by roasting in smaller quantities, providing customers with freshly roasted coffee.

Braveheart Mountain Coffee

  • Braveheart Mountain Coffee believes in healing wounded warriors through coffee by donating 10% of their profits to these causes.

Beard Vet

  • Beard Vet offers a variety of products including coffee, beard oil, grooming kits, and apparel.

Home & Outdoor on PublicSquare:


  • Bagups is a company that makes and sells a biodegradable trash bag dispensing system for easy, eco-friendly waste disposal.

Tough Hook Hangers

  • Tough Hook Hangers is a company that manufactures heavy-duty, high-strength clothes hangers in the USA, including identification and specialty hangers.

Stoked Vans

  • Stoked Vans is a veteran-owned van rental company that offers fully outfitted camper van rentals for short or long vacations and van life adventures.

Liberty Flagpoles

  • Liberty Flagpoles is a veteran and family-owned small business specializing in manufacturing the industry-leading American Standard telescoping flagpole, offering both residential and commercial flagpoles.

Gifts & Specialty on PublicSquare:

Triangle Fragrance

  • Triangle Fragrance is a veteran-owned luxury perfume company that formulates and produces high-end fragrances for men and women in the United States.

Forged Beard Co.

  • Forged Beard Co. takes  pride in offering 100% natural, premium, handcrafted beard care products, made in America and owned by veterans, with core values centered around Honor, Excellence, and Community.

Modern Beard Co.

  • Modern Beard Co. is a veteran-owned business producing premium grooming products with 100% natural ingredients.

A Special Thank You to All Who Served

At PublicSquare, we want to take a moment to sincerely thank all of the brave men and women who have selflessly served our country in the armed forces. Your courage, dedication, and sacrifice have preserved the freedoms and way of life that we all cherish as Americans.

We are forever grateful to you for putting service above self and giving so much to defend this nation and its people. The debt we owe you can never fully be repaid. But by supporting veteran-owned businesses, we hope to honor your service and provide opportunities for people to support veterans all over the country.

Although Veterans Day is only once a year, we must never forget the immeasurable contributions of our veterans. The commitment to duty, honor, and country is an inspiration to us all. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to every current and former member of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard. We are able to live free because of you.

Shop Veteran-Owned Businesses on PublicSquare Today

When you shop veteran-owned businesses on PublicSquare this November 11th, you honor those who have served while supporting the vital minority community of veteran entrepreneurs. Together, we can make a positive impact and help veteran-run businesses thrive.

Shop today to support veteran-owned businesses that reflect true American values. Join others who are passionate about giving back to veterans and empowering these brave entrepreneurs. With your support, we can salute our heroes on Veterans Day and every day.