Tucker Carlson Partners with Values-Driven Marketplace PublicSq.

Published on
October 24, 2023

Conservative thought leader Tucker Carlson has officially announced his new partnership with PublicSq, a pro-America online marketplace offering over 70,000 values-aligned businesses and services to over 1.5 million users. Carlson will engage his loyal audience to promote PublicSq's mission of building a parallel economy rooted in the traditional values that made this nation great.

PublicSq. connects freedom-loving Americans with businesses that refuse to bow to governmental overreach in direct opposition to Constitutional rights and the woke ideology taking over corporations. Businesses on the platform are thoroughly vetted and commit to uphold five core values:

  • Committing to freedom and truth
  • Celebrating the sanctity of life
  • Supporting small and local businesses
  • Believing in American greatness
  • Agreeing that the Constitution is non-negotiable.

For those familiar with Carlson and his popular Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight, it’s no secret that he has built his brand on promoting patriotism, capitalism, free speech and other intrinsic values he believes are under attack in today’s America. Carlson has long used his platform to call out big tech censorship, woke corporate activism, and the degradation of rights like gun ownership and religious freedom.

Now, he is teaming up with PublicSq. to provide his millions of viewers with the solution to be able to stop spending their money with corporations pushing a progressive agenda they fundamentally stand against and shop values-aligned businesses that are pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom. These are businesses that are not only the backbone of our country’s economic prosperity, health, and future, but are also providing premium products and services to their consumers. 

Why Tucker Carlson Chose PublicSq.

PublicSq. is the first pivotal advertiser moving to partner with Carlson at a crucial time in national politics, as the 2024 presidential election is just over a year away. The PublicSq. ads are set to air on Carlson’s show, which runs on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, starting in November and through the final months of next year’s campaign.

CEO and Founder, Michael Seifert, shared, “People are going to be paying attention.” With the ads also appearing on Carlson’s other platforms, including his website. 

PublicSq. has taken a strong stance against environmental, social and governance investment policies in business.

We Are Excited to Welcome Tucker Carlson’s Loyal Audience To PublicSq. with Some Awesome Benefits

Carlson’s partnership with PublicSq. will directly benefit his loyal viewers and readership in several key ways:

  • Access to values-aligned businesses and services – PublicSq. gives Carlson’s audience a destination to discover and support businesses that respect their traditional principles and the five core values that were noted above. 
  • Vote with your wallet – PublicSq. empowers users to leverage their spending power and put purpose behind their purchases by supporting values-aligned American small businesses. 
  • Made in USA options – There are many businesses on the site that offer American-made products. 

The partnership between Carlson and PublicSq. is another step in reinventing media and counteracting many of the forces trying to undermine traditional American values. By joining together, Americans can resurrect ideals of patriotism, morality, and liberty in commerce and community.

The Future of PublicSq.

PublicSq. launched in 2021 but has already built an impressive member network of value-driven businesses across categories like apparel, electronics, health & wellness, pantry items, household essentials and more. 

Carlson’s high-profile partnership will increase PublicSq’s reach nationwide and attract users passionate about its mission. His promotional efforts will also help recruit many more vetted American businesses. The combined momentum positions PublicSq for impressive growth in 2023 and beyond.

Carlson and PublicSq are urging all Americans who cherish freedom, the sanctity of life, morality, and national pride to check out the platform. 

Sign up and start shopping for quality products, services, and exclusive discounts from values-aligned businesses you can trust. On PublicSq your dollars support companies that believe in family, freedom, and free enterprise giving you worry-free purchasing knowing your dollars support the same values as you.

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