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Published on
October 27, 2023

Shop Your Values with PublicSq. — America’s Woke-Free Marketplace

Tired of giving your hard-earned dollars to woke corporations who don't share your values? At PublicSq, we connect shoppers with over 70,000 values-aligned businesses that refuse to succumb to the progressive ideology overtaking corporate America.

Our values-vetted marketplace makes it easy to find and support sellers you can trust. These liberty-loving brands offer everything from daily essentials to apparel, health and wellness products, and more – without succumbing to ESG scoring metrics or DEI dictates. You will also find exclusive discounts–just for buying quality products from brands that don’t support radical agendas!

Shop Values-Aligned Brands, Not Woke Corporations

Businesses on the PublicSq. platform commit to uphold the following five core values:

  • We are united in our commitment to freedom and truth – that’s what makes us Americans.
  • We will always protect the family unit and celebrate the sanctity of every life. 
  • We believe small businesses and the communities who support them are the backbone of our economy.
  • We believe in the greatness of this Nation and will always fight to defend it. 
  • Our Constitution is non-negotiable – the government isn’t the source of our rights, so it can’t take them away.

As mainstream corporate America increasingly pushes the progressive agenda of equity, inclusivity, climate activism, and more, PublicSq. seeks to promote the constitutional values this nation was founded on. The shopping platform offers high-quality products from pro-America businesses that don’t hate freedom-loving Americans and the traditional values we’re fighting to protect. You can shop with confidence knowing that you will never be lectured about progressive politics, gender ideology, or affirmative action when you’re just trying to buy deodorant or a bottle of mouthwash.

Environmental, Social, and Governance, or ESG, is one of the main driving sources behind corporate America mixing business and politics. This woke propaganda pressures companies and their investors to use these three broad categories when evaluating where to allocate their funds, prioritizing progressive values and “social responsibility” over quality and meritocracy when making financial decisions.

To exemplify this blatant indoctrination that we see taking over big corporations like Target, Bud Light, and so many others is the fact that a majority of investors now use ESG as a rating system to measure a company's ‘success’. The more companies implement the advancement of these policies designed to address ‘climate change’, increase diversity amongst staff and leadership (regardless of qualifications), and support a progressive ‘social justice’ agenda, the more funding they’ll receive.

Stand Against Corporate Wokeness With PublicSq.

PublicSq. is leading the way in creating a parallel economy that directly opposes the ‘corporate wokeness’ that has forced its way into such a large majority of the businesses where Americans purchase their goods and essentials. We believe in equality of opportunity – not mandated equity. PublicSq. is the solution for millions of people who feel abandoned by corporate virtue signaling. They offer a thoroughly values-vetted curated selection of quality goods from sellers who won't cancel you for your views and are fighting to uphold constitutional freedoms.

The only way that we are going to take down the corrupt ideologies that are destroying America’s economy is by shifting our consumer spending. PublicSq. gives you the purchasing power to stand up for your beliefs, vote with your wallet, and take a stand against the woke culture trying to infest and indoctrinate our children, our families, and our nation.

Stop sacrificing your convictions for life, family, and freedom! Start shopping your values at