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Introducing the PublicSq. Everyday Essentials Shopping Guide, a curated collection of everyday home products you can find on PublicSq. designed to help you shift your dollars to businesses that share your values. When it comes to voting with your wallet, every dollar equals a vote. This means even when you are purchasing essentials for your home and family, an intentional purchase from a business that shares your values makes a huge impact at the corporate ballot box. Whether you are needing glassware or kitchen towels, one of our tens of thousands of liberty-loving businesses has you covered! Best of all, you can shop at any of the online or local businesses on PublicSq. with the blessed assurance that your hard-earned money isn’t funding progressive agendas you fundamentally stand against. We couldn't be more honored to come alongside you, the American consumer, on your journey to shift your dollars in alignment with your values one purchase at a time! If you haven’t yet, please join us at and start putting purpose behind your purchases!