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Ditch Thrive Market

Thrive Market has sprouted its true colors. From thriving to spoiled, the healthy-living online marketplace has reached its expiration date!

Start fresh by shifting your dollars to health and wellness goods that support bringing traditional family values back to the table. Thrive Market has decided to plant its woke roots down deep in hopes of harvesting the perfect ESG and DEI scores. During the month of June, they took to their social media channels to lecture consumers about the progressive LGBTQ agenda. The online health foods business partnered with a bearded cross-dressing chef, video personality, writer, and food stylist to whip up the perfect dish of virtue signaling pride. In case that wasn’t enough to get your attention, they highlighted their partnership with an organization focused on indoctrinating youth with gender-affirming ‘counseling and support’. In 2020, the owners and founders were also quick to jump on the BLM propaganda soapbox, personally donating $50K to the organization and offering to match employee donations to the radical group, 2-to-1. Shopping with health in mind should never mean compromising your values and with the PublicSq. Marketplace it doesn’t have to be!

It’s never been easier to discover high-quality health and wellness businesses that you can feel great about shopping at! Shopping at a PublicSq. businesses means you can confidently spend you hard-earned dollars with our fear that you are funding agendas you adamantly stand against. Join more than one million consumers who are doing more than boycotting by shift in their dollars to businesses that show their values! Put purpose behind your purchases by shopping more than 55K pro-life, pro-Family, and pro-America businesses on