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Ditch Target, Buy From PublicSq. Shopping Guides Part Two

We’ve heard you loud and clear, PublicSq. Community… You loved our Target alternative shopping guide and we have way more where that came from! With the announcement from Target that they are holding emergency meetings and removing some of the woke items from store shelves, plus the lack of apology in their recent public statement, we know it is truly possible to make an impact with every purchase we make and the ones we stop making, too. You are being heard! However, we can’t stop with one viral moment! You can continue to shop in alignment with your values every single day on Make sure these woke corporations know that we won’t stand for it now or ever. PublicSq. businesses are proudly pro-life, pro-family, and pro-America, ready to serve you and your families for your daily purchases. Check out another sampling of the incredible alternatives you can find on our free app and website. We hope you find encouragement in knowing you do not have to subscribe to woke corporate America’s agenda or fund it any longer with your hard-earned dollars!