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Ditch Target, Buy From PublicSq. Shopping Guides

Target wants you to believe that you have no other options than to buy their products and put up with their progressive antics. Boy, did they miss the bullseye on that one! The superstore has underestimated American consumers and the power they hold by voting with their wallets. The great news is that we live in a free market society and you do have quality options! Shift your dollars away from Target to the tens of thousands of businesses on PublicSq. who will not only appreciate your support, but stand with you in being unapologetically pro-life, pro-family, & pro-freedom! Here is just a sample of the excellent alternatives you can find on our free app and website. We hope you find encouragement in knowing you do not have to subscribe to woke corporate America’s agenda or fund it any longer with your hard-earned dollars! Vote with your wallet, change the nation!