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Ditch Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation’s legacy is one of broken tradition & woke-loving propaganda.

Make new family traditions by shifting your dollars to businesses that align with your values on PublicSq! The certified B Corp. company, has soaked itself in the propaganda of ESG. Setting their virtue-signaling spin to extra high, Seventh Generation touts its progressive-loving strategy to reduce their carbon footprint to zero while calling for legislation to keep fossil fuels in the ground, & even offers “helpful” fearmongering insight in how to “blow your nose without destroying the planet.” But that’s not the only “spin” in their woke-washing agenda. The “clean with purpose” brand has inked arms with activist groups like BLM and echoes the call to defund our law enforcement and increase spending on fighting agendas like “environmental racism.” The brand has also made substantial donations to an organization that helps fund the bail of progressive protestors jailed for illegal and dangerous behavior. In partnership with its parent company Unilever, the corporation also helps fund organizations promoting gender confusion, as well as aggressively fighting against legislation that would make gender mutilation surgery illegal. The dirty laundry just keeps piling up. In efforts to promote their baby products, the company’s social media account deceivingly celebrates life & family. However, under direct ownership of Unilever, the brand is part of one of the largest corporations in the world that donate to Planned Parenthood as well as numerous pro-abortion groups in addition to reimbursing U.S. employees to travel out of state in order to end the life of their unborn child.

Make the switch to PublicSq. and shop for all your truly household essentials from businesses that unapologetically stand for the sanctity of life, the traditional family unit, and the values that made this nation great! From diapers and wipes, to cleaning supplies made from natural and safe ingredients – PublicSq. offers you the solution you’ve been looking for to stop spending your hard-earned dollars funding woke agendas you fundamentally stand against!

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