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Ditch Sephora and Ulta

Do Sephora and Ulta foundation-ally line up with your values? It's time to contour a new path in how you buy makeup!

Fact: the makeup industry is a thriving industry because of women. The average mom, grandma, wife, daughter… WOMAN spends $225K on beauty products in a lifetime! Why then are beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta pandering to men dressed in woman-face? It’s because they care more about a virtue-signaling score than their consumers. Most would agree that no one cared if a man chose to use makeup products, but Sephora and Ulta needed to level up their wokeness and did it at the expense of mocking women! There is no other reason for these corporations to throw time, resources, and money toward hiring men in replacement of women for ads or, like Ulta, to host a podcast about “girlhood” than to appease the CEI overlords in hopes for a better score. Sephora has gone as far as extinguishing a contract with the wildly popular pro-life, pro-family, & pro-America influencer, Amanda Ensing, to appease the woke mob. Americans are tired of woke brands ignoring those who hold traditional values, using their hard-earned money to directly insult them, and funding agendas they stand against.

At PublicSq, not only will you find a large variety of high-quality makeup brands that value women, but you’ll discover tens of thousands of other businesses from nearly every industry that do too! Woke makeup brands and retailers like Sephora and Ulta want you to believe that you have no choices outside of them, but that’s not true. Not only do you have numerous choices, you have options that refuse to bow to woke corporate America. Ladies, stop funding makeup retailers that want to replace you, instead shift your dollars to cosmetic brands that treasure women. Find them on