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Ditch REI

It’s time to blaze your own trail and tell REI to take a hike! Head over to PublicSq. for all your outdoor adventure needs!

REI has taken a cliff dive into the roaring rapids of progressive woke ideology. The popular outdoor brand recently launched a company fund to help support aggressive ⁠ESG and DEI initiatives in efforts to make the outdoors more “inclusive”. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find those initiatives link arms with agendas pushing progressive LGBTQ, BLM, and “global warming” propaganda.  The recreational brand avidly stands against the 2nd Amendment and even suspended a substantial contract with another large retailer for refusing to bend the knee to the pressure of their gun control narrative. And while preaching from their soapbox about violence, they openly support funding the killing of unborn babies by ensuring abortion access for their employees under the guise of “health care”’! Enough is enough. Ditch REI and gear up for your next wilderness excursion by shopping from businesses on PublicSq. that love this country, the Cconstitution, and the rights it protects! From mountain peaks to forest trails, our curated collection of outdoor brands and essentials offer a vast variety of patriot-loving products to enhance your outdoor experiences!

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