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Ditch Pottery Barn

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the most woke home decor company of all? Pottery Barn!

Time to Ditch Pottery Barn and shift your hard-earned dollars to high-quality home decor businesses that align with your values. Pottery Barn and their child-focused home decor store went woke and are going out of their way to earn that perfect virtue-signaling score! In June 2023, Pottery Barn Kids, decided to weave a progressive bedtime story of their own. The popular home furnishing chain held a virtual reading of a ‘children’s book’ glamorizing a boy’s gender confusion and his journey in transitioning, including how his family affirmed his desire for gender reassigning surgery. It gets worse, Pottery Barn Kids partnered with an influencer couple to highlight their pride month collection. Items included something for the WHOLE family from mugs to pride baby blankets, with proceeds being donated to a nonprofit focused on offering gender-confused youth affirming services! Your purchases from ESG & DEI focused Pottery Barn helps them offer employee benefit coverage for gender confirmation surgery and hormone therapy.

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