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Ditch Penzeys Spices

Thyme’ to ditch Penzeys Spices and ‘curry’ on over to PublicSq. for high-quality spice brand alternatives from companies that don’t hate you!

Instead of Penzeys Spices being famous for their products, they have become known for their animosity towards individuals who hold differing political views. In 2022, the CEO of the spice brand chose to send out a newsletter for MLK day in which he titled 'Republicans are Racist weekend.' The letter promoted a deal offering 3 spices and 10 Black Lives Matter stickers, an organization Penzeys proudly supports. The letter even went as far as suggesting Republican voters ‘fantasize about killing black people’ and deserve to be called racist. Penzeys Spices unapologetically dedicated a portion of their website to explain why those who do not share their progressive ideas should shop elsewhere and egotistically add, “...still want the best spices and don’t need us to respect what you now vote for to be our customer, Hooray!” Stop giving your hard-earned money to businesses like Penzeys, that hate your values and do not appreciate your business! Join more than a million consumers on a mission to put intention behind each purchase by shifting their dollars to the tens of thousands of businesses on PublicSq! On our platform, you’ll discover spice companies that deliver premium herbs and spices without calling you names or lecturing you about politics.

Shop with the blessed assurance that your dollars will not go to a business that fundamentally stands against the values you hold dear, but instead stand with you in upholding the values of being pro-life, pro-family & pro-America!