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Ditch Pantene

Bad hair day’ takes on a whole new meaning when Pantene gets involved!

It's time to treat your tresses to a hair care upgrade and ditch the woke, agenda-loving brand and shift your dollars to hair products on PublicSq. that share your values! Gone are the days of Pantene’s iconic ad campaign, “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful,” promoting the beauty, uniqueness, and femininity of women. The famous hair care brand is circling down the drain of woke propaganda, unapologetically endorsing and funding a slew of progressive LGBTQ organizations, as well as launching their newest ad campaign featuring a gender-confused 12-year-old child finding ‘identity’ through the use of their products. The Proctor & Gamble owned company has also started featuring men in women-face as spokesmodels with the tagline, ‘hair has no gender’. Um, sorry to burst their virtue-signaling bubble, but it’s a scientific fact you can determine a person’s gender from the DNA found in his or her hair! To add to their absurdity, they offer ‘guidance’ on how to make your language more ‘gender inclusive’. According to P&G you can’t say men and women, but you ‘have’ to say ‘everyone’. You can’t say boys and girls, but ‘have’ to say ‘children’. You can’t say she/he, but ‘have’ to say ‘they’….the list of these nonsense rules goes on and on. Furthermore, the haircare brand and its parent company are supporters of the radical BLM movement and will gladly provide coverage for employees to abort their babies and even assist with out-of-state abortion arrangements.

The good news is, you do not need to suffer with bad hair days in order to stay true to your values! On PublicSq. you can discover high-quality hair product businesses that share your pro-life, pro-family, and pro-America principles! Join over one million consumers on PublicSq. that are shopping with confidence from tens of thousands of businesses that share their values! Join us for free at and begin putting purpose behind your purchases!