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Ditch Orvis

Time to take a “reel” look at what Orvis is doing with your dollars!

Cast a line into new waters at PublicSq, and discover fishing brands that share your values! Any seasoned fisherman knows the Orvis name well! The once family-oriented outdoor company has gone rogue in many ways, starting with funding abortion travel for their employees after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. While Orvis is a privately held company, it has not stopped them from doing what they can to earn an extra penny by tokenizing sexual orientation during the month of June. The fishing giant bowed to the absurd demands from the woke mob for companies to admit their “unconscious biases” and took the pledge at Brown Folks Fishing. Companies who take this pledge commit to enforcing CRT training for executive leadership as required to provide regular, public updates on how they are actively fighting to reimagine fishing as it is seen as “a gateway to conservation.” Brown Folks Fishing makes it clear they believe conservation is “deeply rooted in white supremacy, erasure, and colonialism.” These are the agendas your hard-earned money is going to when you purchase a fishing reel, tackle box, or waders from Orvis. No need to fish around for the companies that won't spend your money on progressive agendas – PublicSq. has tens of thousands of them all in one place, including incredible fishing and outdoor companies! Shop with confidence at the businesses on our platform knowing they are unapologetically pro-life, pro-family, and pro-America, never bowing to woke corporate America

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