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Ditch Olly, Buy From PublicSq. Shopping Guides

Not all vitamin companies are the same, some are deficient in values!

Shift your dollars to PublicSq. vitamin businesses and ditch Olly. Time to tell Olly to take a hike! The popular supplement brand is using your hard-earned dollars to fund the progressive ideologies you’ve worked so hard to keep from your family. Instead of putting focus on what American consumers want, Olly’s CEO, Hanneke Willenborg, is more concerned with creating an inclusive summer camp-like environment for employees; a place where she herself can feel safe to be honest about her own “sexual well-being” and “menopause” within the workplace. Olly’s obsession with maintaining “happy campers,” comes with the funding of “identity-affirming” care and the blatant support of BLM. The ESG and DEI-led company is pouring your money into organizations that further push the CRT agenda, working to disrupt the traditional nuclear family. Your daily supplements should make you feel great, and you should also feel great about your supplements.

When you make a purchase from a PublicSq. business, you can do so with the blessed assurance that your money is going toward a small business that cares more about you and your family than their virtue signaling scores. You can find all of these supplements and more health & wellness products right in our app.Get started today at