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Ditch North Face

Do you know what your favorite fleece is funding?!

Time to tell The North Face to hit the hiking trail and start a new adventure with the excellent alternatives on PublicSq. The North Face is not new to woke corporate America, some may even say they are trailblazers in finding new ways to tokenize the progressive LGBTQ agenda. This year they launched their “Summer of Pride” with a campaign led by a drag queen who brags he is a “real life homosexual” here to “help you come out… in nature.” While the outdoor recreation product company is boldly unapologetic about this campaign, it does not even scratch the surface of the many other progressive initiatives they have funded with your dollars. The North Face is a donor to organizations that aggressively push for more transgender rights, even if it means treading on the majority of other American’s freedoms. They proudly fund groups pushing for abortion “rights” and donate to organizations focused on the CRT agenda. The North Face’s choice to pursue a CEI score speaks volumes; speak louder by voting with your wallet! At PublicSq. you’ll discover companies that have high-quality products to help you enjoy the great outdoors along with the the tens of thousands of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom businesses that refuse to bow down to woke corporate America.

Don’t just boycott, shift your dollars moving forward to businesses that share your values and feel great about where you are spending your money!Join us, it’s free.