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Ditch Lowe's

Lowe's, we don't need a lecture on “social justice”; we just want 2x4s, grass seed, and power tools! At PublicSq. discover businesses focused on helping you with that DIY project instead of hounding you on DEI policies.

Yes, it's true – Lowe's, the place where we once roamed the aisles in search of power tools and garden gnomes, has joined the progressive propaganda crew of “inclusivity and diversity” offering a mismatched color assortment of virtue-signaling swatches. With ESG as their beacon of truth, Lowe’s is bending to the climate change narrative with the goal “to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.” Scroll through their social media, and you’ll find a showcase for the ultra-progressive LGBTQ agenda. Lowe's has taken a detour into the 'woke' zone! Avoid the toxic spill of hazardous progressive materials spreading through their aisles by shifting your dollars to businesses on PublicSq. Join more than a million consumers on a mission to put intention behind each purchase by shifting their dollars to the tens of thousands of businesses on PublicSq!

On our platform, you’ll discover home improvement tools and essentials from businesses that won’t try to nail their “woke” ideology into the foundations of your DIY projects. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a construction pro, you can shop with the blessed assurance that your dollars will not go to a business that fundamentally stands against the values you hold dear when you shop at