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Ditch Kohl's, Carter's, and J.Crew

What do Kohl’s, Carter’s, J.Crew, and Old Navy have in common?! They’re trying to make money off clothing that sexualizes children as young as three months old!

At PublicSq, we are not ok with it and we have a solution for you! Moms and dads are being met with the outrageous reality that the retailers they depend on to supply children’s clothing have been using their money to fund ideologies and agendas they are working so hard to protect their kids from. It’s shocking to learn that large corporations like Kohl’s, J. Crew, Carter’s, and Old Navy have chosen to spend time, energy, and resources to produce lines of infant and children’s clothing focused on sexuality! There is clearly an agenda at hand as the vast majority of American consumers adamantly stand against the sexualization of children. To make things worse, several of these products take it even further than putting a sexual orientation flag on an infant onesie; they are also taking proceeds from sales and funding organizations that further push an aggressively progressive agenda. Join more than a million consumers on a mission to put intention behind each purchase by shifting their dollars to businesses on PublicSq.

On our platform, Americans can discover clothing retailers, restaurants, financial institutions, and goods & services from nearly every industry – and each business unapologetically refuses to bow down to the woke mob and fund their ludicrous ideologies! Feel great about the clothing you purchase for your children by choosing to shop at businesses that provide wholesome alternatives from business that share your values.

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