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Ditch King Arthur Baking Co & Shop Values-Aligned Brands on PublicSquare

Why does King Arthur Baking Company feel the knead to sift their woke ideology in with their flour? Can't they just stick to breads, not propaganda spreads?

The baking company is pushing its progressive dough deep, going all in on performative wokeness for those sweet, sweet ESG & DEI breadcrumbs. From virtue-signaling with rainbow pancakes to partnering with a progressive LGBTQ youth camp pushing gender indoctrination and confusion, the flour brand has officially fallen flat like a bad soufflé! 

Some of our Favorite King Arthur Alternatives

  • Foundation Flour - Gluten-free, organic flour blends
  • Living Sky Grains - Local, fresh milled flours in small batches for quality
  • Organic'ly Foods - 100% organic baking mixes
  • Caremoli Gluten Free - Gluten-free baking mixes, finished goods, snacks
  • Kooi Housewares - Premium kitchen tools and essentials
  • Tin Lizzie's OKC - Quality baking needs and kitchen essentials
  • Liberty Tabletop - American-made flatware in various designs
  • The Stone House Road - Heirloom-quality kitchen supplies
  • - Parchment paper for baking and cooking

Ditch King Arthur and make the switch to PublicSquare for all of your baking needs.

King Arthur Baking Alternatives

Foundation Flour

Foundation Flour’s unique flour blends are foundational to some of the best meals you will ever create! Time to break out the measuring cups and impress your family and friends. Their ingredients are both gluten-free and organic.

Living Sky Grains

If you’re looking for fluffy, delicious, and nutritious flours to enrich your family-favorite baked goods, look no further than Living Sky Grains. They grow, freshly mill, and package our grains locally in small batches to ensure you get premium-quality flour in every bag.

Organic’ly foods

Organic baking mixes without compromise for the health-conscious. Organic’ly sources the highest quality organic-certified whole-food ingredients. Not some of their ingredients…all. Keep your entire family healthy with premium products you can trust.

Caremoli Gluten Free

Caremoli Gluten Free offers a wide variety of mixes as well as finished products and ready-to-go snacks. From bread, pizza, cakes, muffins, and more. 

Kooi Housewares

Discover a world of kitchen possibilities at Kooi. Upgrade your culinary creations with their premium kitchen essentials and tools. 

Tin Lizzie’s OKC

Tin Lizzie’s offers a crafted selection for gift-giving, sprucing up your home, and quality kitchen essentials for all of your cooking and baking needs.  

Liberty Tabletop

Choose from a wide variety of designs from contemporary Annapolis to classic Kensington, to even some truly unique designs like Calavera! Enhance your dining and kitchen experience today with Liberty Tabletop flatware, 100% Made in the USA!

The Stone House Road

Discover heirloom-quality provisions and essentials for your home, including kitchen supplies.


Shop parchment paper that is grease and moisture-resistant, specially treated for oven use. It is very versatile—use it to line cake molds and baking sheets, to wrap fish and other dishes, and to cover countertops during messy tasks to make cleanup easy. It can withstand temperatures up to 475 degrees.

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