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Ditch Johnson + Johnson

We can no longer put a “band-aid” over what Johnson & Johnson spends their customers’ money on!

Shift your dollars to health and wellness businesses that share your values! It’s fair to say Johnson & Johnson is obsessed with DEI! The health and wellness giant admits DEI is their “core component and an enabler” of their ESG strategy. It is how they measure how to spend their time, energy, and resources as opposed to what consumers and stakeholders want. As if enforcing strict compliance to DEI protocols and having yearly Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity performance reviews for employees isn’t enough, they financially fund organizations pushing aggressively progressive agendas like CRT, the progressive LGBTQ agenda, and more. J&J gives your hard-earned dollars to cover sexual transition surgeries for employees and makes sure everyone knows about it (can’t boost that CEI score if you hide it)! And while they brag about family benefits, they make sure it is very easy to get an abortion by covering travel for employees who want to terminate their pregnancies. While it feels like huge corporations like Johnson & Johnson are hard to ditch, at PublicSq, we are providing health and wellness business options for your family that you can feel great about supporting; businesses that value life, the family unit, and love our country.

PublicSq. has tens of thousands of businesses ready to provide alternatives to the products woke corporate America thinks they can monopolize! Johnson & Johnson has underestimated the American small business owner and liberty-loving consumer, let your voice be heard by voting with your wallet!

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