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Ditch JOANN Fabric and Crafts

We are sew disappointed in Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Time to ditch the woke craft company and switch to PublicSq. Jo-Ann Fabrics has knit ​​its woke propaganda into the very fabric of their products, from “power of pride” kids licensed fabric to every other virtue signaling category, they have created craft search options based on gender, sexuality, skin color and more! Even more concerning is their products focused on sexuality, geared towards children. They hold monthly educational series for their employees on how not to be racist and include “training” on the proper use of “pronoun identification”. In addition, they take your hard-earned dollars and donate them to progressive LGBTQ organizations pushing gender confusion on youth. Great news, PublicSq. is glittering with craft options for every creative genius! Whether you are looking for children’s art supplies or high-quality quilting options, America’s Marketplace has what you need without lecturing you on woke ideologies!

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