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Ditch Hatch

Hatch is trying to make money off pregnant mothers and yet is a supporter of terminating babies in the womb too?!

Ladies, it’s time to shift your dollars to businesses that value motherhood and life! When the news dropped that Roe v. Wade coud be overturned, Hatch, the maternity and motherhood brand, sent out a blog post telling their consumers the “best thing to do right-this-second is donate to an abortion fund.” On their social media, which is full of beautiful pregnant women and nursing mothers, Hatch, grieved the right to murder unborn babies as Roe v. Wade was officially overturned. On their website, they scroll facts about a baby having a fingerprint as early as 9 weeks in utero and also push an “honor of abortion activism” shopping guide. They don’t stop there; in their most recent blog post, Hatch encourages parents to add books about sexual orientation to their children’s home library. They push a DEI & ESG-centric culture and are unapologetic supporters of BLM. It’s no secret that at PublicSq. we are boldly pro-life! We internally celebrate new life by blessing employees with a gift of $5,000 when they have a new baby or adopt!

On PublicSq. you will discover pro-life, pro-family & pro-America businesses where you can find everything you need from pregnancy through postpartum and every beautiful stage of life. Businesses that join PublicSq. commit to not spending time, energy, or resources against our Core Values, one of which is the protection of the family unit and celebration of the sanctity of every life! Join us and shop in alignment with your values!

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