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Ditch Harry's

Talk about razor burn!

Time to ditch the Harry’s Razors and start shopping for personal grooming essentials at PublicSq. businesses who refuse to pander to the woke mob! “Socially-minded” Harry’s Razors proudly continues their assault on masculine virtues! They mock men who strive to provide for their families and prioritize being a rock for their wives. They hate that “being a man” is often defined as being “tough” and completely ignore that these virtues benefit women, children, and all of society. Harry’s Razors promotes insane ideas like calling fathers “non-birthing parents” and that shaving your face and cutting off your breasts somehow makes you a man. Most recently, Harry’s Razors decided to lather up its own woke grooming routine and partnered with a ‘trans-man’ influencer to promote their brand and give proceeds to progressive organizations that affirm gender-confused youth.

At PublicSq, you can discover razor alternatives that fit any budget and purchase them from companies that do not partner with the notion that masculinity is toxic! While Harry’s and the rest of woke corporate America virtue signal their way to Bud Light status, PublicSq. and the 55K+ businesses that are a part of our marketplace are meeting the needs of consumers who desire high-quality products without being lectured on gender ideology!

Discover businesses that recognize there are only two genders and celebrate the importance of masculinity at