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Ditch Girl Scouts

Scout’s honor, time to ditch Girl Scouts… cookies and all! What used to be a family-friendly organization focused on instilling a strong work ethic in young ladies through earning merit badges, serving the community, and of course, selling cookies, has now become yet another platform for the woke mob to desensitize the next generation from the attack on traditional American values! Girl Scouts of America want to play innocent but in reality, they are pushing progressive agendas through children.

They deny any connection to Planned Parenthood, yet have given their endorsement for years to a Planned Parenthood sex-ed program in which girls are given literature on homosexuality and masturbation. Surely if they were not involved with the leading abortion provider they wouldn’t allow the presentation of the “Woman of Distinction Award” to a Planned Parenthood executive, would they? Strangely enough, they are proud about encouraging children to attend BLM protests and LGBTQ parades! The Girl Scouts LGBTQ+ Pride Month Celebration Fun Patch is back, and it's for “all levels!” Activities to earn this patch include reading books about children transitioning, learning about the pride flags, and indulging in music and films that lecture about sexual orientation. It’s not a new occurrence that Girl Scouts welcome biological boys in their program, but this year they took it to a whole new level by providing options for gender-confused boys to sleep in the same tents as biological girls! We can admit those cookies they sell are delicious, but they leave a bad taste in our mouths now that we know what the woke organization is pushing on children.

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