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Ditch Dove

Rub-a-dub-dub, stop using Dove in the tub!

Time to ditch the virtue-signalling beauty brand and switch to PublicSq. businesses you can trust won’t lecture you. The well-known beauty brand has lost its way, pandering to woke politics, lecturing us about “overcoming underarm judgement”, and preaching to us about what we’re allowed to find beautiful based on their “inclusive” guidelines. For their most recent fiasco, Dove rewarded a BLM activist by making her their “fat acceptance ambassador.” The “celebrated” activist had a white student expelled from school by ruthlessly accusing her of racial hate speech, only to later confess that she “misheard” what was said. The “Let’s Change Beauty” brand is partnering with trans models to promote their products for women, pushing progressive alphabet propaganda and catering to nearly every virtue-signaling requirement of the DEI & ESG overlords. Under the directive of their parent company Unilever, Dove took to social media after the overturning of Roe v. Wade to profess their unwavering support for the killing of babies in the womb as well as stating their promise to pay the travel expenses for employees that need to cross state lines to have an abortion. We have to stop spending our hard-earned dollars on companies that reject what a woman is, support the murder of our unborn children, promote gender confusion, and push a body size that is extremely unhealthy.

Switch to PublicSq. and shop for beauty and hygiene brands to help you look AND feel your very best, and will never use your money to help fund radical ideologies you wholeheartedly stand against.