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Ditch Coach

Purse-onally Coach, we're over your wokeness!

When you purchase a Coach handbag, your hard-earned money contributes to a company that fails to appreciate the beauty and individuality of real women! Repeatedly, Coach has utilized men in women-face to showcase their female products including pocketbooks, dresses, and shoes. Beyond their disturbing images of men in skirts, they launched yet another Pride collection in partnership with progressive organizations that encourage gender confusion in youth. Internally, Coach, and its parent company, Tapestry Inc, ensure the virtue signaling score givers know exactly how “inclusive” they are on their website with their colorful charts and initiatives highlighting different races, genders, and sexual orientations. Ladies, whether you are looking for a high-end handbag or an everyday wallet, PublicSq. has you covered!

Discover purses and more from boutiques that share your values at a variety of price points! Businesses on PublicSq. celebrate the uniqueness and importance of women and refuse to bow down to the woke corporate mob that’s trying to cancel them! By shifting your purchasing power to businesses found on PublicSq, you can shop in confidence that your dollars aren’t financing agendas you firmly stand against. Carry your values with style and grace, one purse at a time.

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