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Ditch Cerave

Let’s face it, CeraVe went woke!

Time for a fresh skin care routine that shares your values, and it all starts at PublicSq! CeraVe, the skin care brand that boasts, “science that goes skin deep,” must have forgotten biology is a science when they started hiring gender confused men as spokes models. Not once but multiple times the L'Oréal owned brand partnered with men in women-face to showcase how their product best removes makeup. They took it a step further and proudly sponsored a show featuring men in “gender-bending thongs, corsets, and fishnets,” to please the virtue signal lords over at HRC. CeraVe is a financial supporter of BLM and progressive LGBTQ organizations, bending backwards to ensure they maintain the high CEI score instead of their largely female consumer base. To ensure no progressive agenda is left unturned, they joined woke corporate America in offering financial incentive to travel for abortions in response to Roe v. Wade being overturned in 2022. Why settle for skin care brands that contradict your values? Discover a variety of high-quality skin care lines on PublicSq. that you can trust to align with your principles and keep your skin looking its best. From tallow moisturizers to serums and cleansers, discover brands that know what a woman is and celebrate their uniqueness!

On the PublicSq. Marketplace you can shop at tens of thousands of business with confidence, knowing your dollars will not fund agendas you fundamentally stand against.

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