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Ditch Billie

If you love giving your hard-earned money to BLM and organizations that encourage gender dysphoria in youth, then, by all means, continue to get your shaving products and dry shampoo from Billie! Are you aware of what you’re funding when you purchase that brightly colored razor?

Time to shave off loyalty to Billie and get a smooth start with brands that share your values! Billie, the razor and body care company, might be one of the most woke companies doing business today. Their social media is populated with gender-confused influencers pushing a progressive feminist agenda. Scrolling through their page, you’ll find everything from posts about killing unborn babies being a woman’s right to tips on styling body hair, and even an entire campaign rewriting classic fairy tales in order to dismantle traditional notions about womanhood. Billie’s CEO & chief virtue signaler, Georgina Gooley, admits, “Fairy tales shape us from an early age” and continued to put out the rewritten fairy tales like their rendition of Rapunzel who is “hella gay” and is not waiting on a prince to save her. Instead of beautiful long locks, Rapunzel has long armpit hair. Or Cinderella who sports a suit and has a father who accepts her being transgender. We cannot forget about “Sno,” who lives with seven ‘genderfluid cuties!’ While Billie promotes a message of inclusivity, they fund CRT organizations and all but demand their employees, partners, and even customers uphold their values rooted in ESG and DEI practices.

At PublicSq, you can discover high-quality alternatives to the products Billie offers without the woke agenda! Find razors without being lectured about if you’re woman enough to keep your body hair long. Purchase dry shampoo, bath gel, and more from businesses that value women and refuse to bow to an agenda that wants to replace them. PublicSq. businesses have stood strong against the outrageous demands from woke corporate America and proudly refuse to bow down to the woke mob! Shift your dollars to align with your values and do it confidently by shopping at businesses you’ll find at