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Ditch Best Buy

Geek Squad goals? More like Best Buy blunders! Time to ditch the electronic ‘super’ store and shift your dollars to PublicSq!

Best Buy’s inner hard drive is crashing fast. The once popular big box store has been infected by the vicious malware virus of DEI and ESG. The company is set to hack into the highest CEI score possible, achieving a 100% virtue-signal rating on the infamous HRC’s Corporate Equality Index for 16 years in a row! The tech store also offers a “Workplace Transition and Gender Identity Toolkit” with guidelines and resources for supporting an employee’s “gender-affirming care,” as well as a “comprehensive LGBTQ health platform and concierge service.” This includes ‘training’ for other employees, such as the names and pronouns they should use when talking to or about a ‘transitioning’ co-worker and the physical changes they can expect to see in their colleague. Most recent headlines have exposed Best Buy’s management program, offered only to candidates who “must meet the [racial] requirements” and “identify as Black, Latino, Hispanic, Asian, or Pacific Islander.” The group behind the leadership program, McKinsey & Co, has also previously partnered with the World Economic Forum as part of The Global Lighthouse Network pushing aggressively progressive curriculums like “SEL, DEI, CRT and ESG in schools around the world.” You deserve an upgrade!

Ditch the woke corporation and their progressive-loving agenda you fundamentally stand against and download the PublicSq. app today and join over 1.5 million Americans shopping from over 65,000 pro-life, pro-family, liberty-loving businesses.