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Ditch Axe: Upgrade Your Grooming Routine with Men's Body Care Alternatives on PublicSq.

Axe body spray has doused itself in an odorous woke mist. Don’t sweat it! Shop PublicSq. to discover pro-America body care brands and products that won’t make you choke! ‍

Axe body care, the once beloved rite of passage into men’s grooming products for teenage boys everywhere, has joined the DEI cancel culture circus. Touting themselves as “a champion of self-expression,” they launched an initiative proclaiming, “There’s no one way to be man.” And making it their delusional virtue-signaling mission to “Break the cycle of toxic masculinity and make the world more ‘equal’ for everyone.”

Continuing in their crusade to blur the line between God-given biological gender characteristics, Axe links arms with various nonprofits targeting our youth and encouraging them to “explore their sexuality and gender.” While offering undermining advice to young people on how they should “deal” with and talk to their parents.

Under direct ownership of Unilever, the body care brand is part of one of the largest corporations in the world that donate to Planned Parenthood as well as numerous pro-abortion groups in addition to reimbursing U.S. employees to travel out of state in order to end the innocent life of their unborn child.

You don’t have to support businesses that are slaves to the ESG overlords, like Axe, who label you “divisive” or “toxic” just for wanting to uphold traditional values. At PublicSq, discover over 70K pro-family businesses and shop with the blessed assurance that your firm stance in God-given genders will not be challenged! Make the switch and shop premium products and services from values-aligned businesses that are pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom at