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Ditch Athleta

Athleta: where athleisure meets woke! Time to ditch the ultra-progressive athletic wear brand and shift your dollars to high-performing athletic apparel on PublicSq!

Athleta took to social media directly following the overturning of Roe v Wade to declare their unwavering support for the murder of unborn children. Reiterating that the company’s healthcare would cover abortions, proudly stating, “Our mission is to ignite the limitless potential of women and girls–this limitless potential is predicted on the right to make decisions about ourselves, for ourselves.” So basically, ‘limitless potential of women and girls’ includes ending the lives of baby girls in the womb? To add to their moral depravity, Athleta’s parent company, Gap Inc., announced their support for a progressive organization that produces youth-led LGBTQ storytelling events, raising an estimated $100,000 for the gender grooming group. Their charitable ‘celebrations’ also included hosting a drag show at their headquarters for employees to perform in front of their peers. Is that what you want your purchases funding?! Say goodbye to athletic companies like Athleta pushing their progressive propaganda and shift your hard-earned dollars to businesses on PublicSq.

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