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Back to School Shopping Guide

Class is in session! Gear up for the year ahead with PublicSq’s Back to School shopping guide.

Whether your little ones are stepping into their first classroom or starting their senior year, PublicSq. has you covered! Now more than ever, parents are looking to shift their dollars away from businesses that seek to influence children’s minds with distorted progressive agendas. When you use the PublicSq. app to discover values-aligned businesses, you can shop with confidence knowing that every business stands for life, liberty, and the traditional family unit. From quality homeschool curriculum to pencils and folders, check off that back-to-school supplies list with PublicSq!

We believe in the founding principles of this great nation, and our children’s education is key to protecting the legacy of its enduring history. Join us today and start shopping from tens of thousands of businesses that are pro-life, pro-family, and pro-America at