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Yonder Food: A Superior Non-Woke Alternative to Vital Proteins for Collagen Supplements

September 20, 2023

Vital Proteins true WOKE glow is showing. The popular collagen brand has decided to join the growing list of companies flat-lining for pushing their radical ideologies. Unleash your beauty from within and shop Yonder Foods on PublicSq. for premium grass-fed collagen peptides. 

Vital Proteins Joins the Woke Mob

Vital Proteins, owned by parent company Nestlé Health Science S.A, has proven it’s more concerned with being a certified B corp company than providing its consumers with products that deliver results. From parroting the  “global warming” narrative to celebrating their high ESG & DEI scores for “inclusivity and equity”, the nutritional brand ensures they achieve their daily quota for pats on the back from the woke-loving mob. 

Their obsession with virtue signaling continues through tokenizing the sexuality of confused individuals on their social media platforms. Their campaign for “every body” features men dressed as women dancing around in disco-inspired attire–because that has everything to do with selling collagen peptides? In addition, the “health” brand partners with progressive LGBTQ organizations that specifically target impressionable youth under the guise of offering a sense of community and empowerment. One of the organizations even championed a post on their social media advocating for the legalization of “sex work”. Enough is enough, you do have alternative options!

Yonder Food Premium Collagen Peptides

Instead of focusing their efforts on appeasing the cancel culture narrative, Yonder Food and its founders are dedicated to providing a premium product while staying true to their pro-America, pro-family, and pro-life roots! Yonder Food is far more than just another supplement company. The health focused business was founded by two childhood friends, Sheri and Gina, turned wellness advocates on a mission to transform lives through the power of clean living. 

After overcoming major health struggles of their own by embracing nutrition, collagen, and clean eating, both women experienced dramatic healing in their bodies and wanted to share their transformative experience with others. Their journey inspired them to launch Yonder. By harnessing the power of wholesome ingredients, Sheri and Gina began the process of creating high-quality nutrition products that help people make small, daily choices to nourish their bodies and unlock their full potential. 

Yonder provides premium collagen peptides and nutritional products made from grass-fed, farm-fresh ingredients. No synthetic filler, no bogus additives - just potent, purifying formulas to boost your health and beauty. The American-made blends use organic, non-GMO ingredients specially crafted to target specific needs. Yonder’s mission is to empower their customers to take control and find balance. Their collagen peptides and toxin-free coffee improve skin, hair, joints and energy. Are you ready to unlock your full potential and start living life to the Yonder? 

PublicSq. is your solution to finding businesses, products, and services to shop that align with your values. You don’t have to support brands like Vital Proteins that are helping fund agendas you fundamentally stand against. Make the switch to PublicSq. and start spending your hard-earned dollars with liberty-loving businesses producing premium products like Yonder Food that do not subscribe to the woke corporate agenda. Yonder offers premium collagen options crafted to help you achieve the healthy results you’re looking for.

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