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Is Kelloggs Upholding American Values? The Shocking Agenda Behind Kellogg’s

September 14, 2023

How Buying Kellogg's Could Fund Anti-American Groups Through Its Foundation

Remember back in the days when breakfast was an adventurous treasure hunt for the toy hidden in your favorite cereal or breakfast item? What is one of the first cereal brands that come to mind?

The Kellogg’s brand has long evoked nostalgia and been a morning staple in most households across America. Their catchy slogans like 'Lego my Eggo' became the universally understood breakfast plea, while creating an image of wholesome family fun through ad campaigns for their beloved cereal brands. Unfortunately, there is another side to the corporate breakfast giant that is not so sugary and sweet. When you pour a bowl of Kellogg's Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies, you may unknowingly be supporting a hidden agenda.

Through its massive charity arm, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Kellogg Company is tied to groups and causes that promote open borders, anti-police rhetoric, and progressive activism. So that morning bowl of cereal, or midnight snack, could go against every traditional value you hold dear and work so diligently to uphold and protect. 

What does this mean for your morning breakfast routine? PublicSq. is the solution you’ve been looking for, so you can switch your hard-earned dollars from businesses supporting progressive ideologies you fundamentally stand against. On the PublicSq marketplace, numerous patriotic small businesses offer wholesome, amazing tasting, American-made cereal and breakfast options. Don’t put down that spoon, keep reading to learn how Kellogg's beloved brands fund radical leftism, and discover alternative cereals and breakfast staples from vendors who truly share your values.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation: A Threat to Our Values

Did you know the W.K. Kellogg Foundation holds over $400 million in Kellogg Company stock? Giving the woke-agenda beast an ownership stake of around 20% in the cereal giant. This makes the organization Kellogg's largest shareholder by far.

So what exactly does the Kellogg Foundation fund with your hard-earned grocery budget? A host of far-left, anti-American causes.

Since 2013, the organization has given millions to groups including:

  • Black Lives Matter—over $900,000 for radical activism
  • La Raza - over $2 million for pro-illegal immigration efforts
  • Center for American Progress—over $5 million for leftist policy advocacy
  • Open Society Foundations—over $200,000 for George Soros' influence network

The radically progressive foundation also widely funds open borders advocacy focused on preserving DACA, preventing immigration enforcement, and expanding privileges for illegal immigrants. This includes grants for organizations like the National Immigration Forum, the Immigration Policy Center, and United We Dream.

Clearly, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation has drifted far from the apolitical intentions of its founder. While the foundation and the Kellogg Company maintain the image of wholesome Americana, their agenda is far more partisan.

Do you really want to help fund a product that uses your money towards advancing radical leftist causes through the Kellogg Foundation's sizable funding impact?

Top Kellogg's Brands Funding Wokeness (They're Wwwwoke!)

From Pop-Tarts to Pringles, many Kellogg's brands help fill the coffers of its woke foundation arm. 

Here are some of the company's top products:

  • Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
  • Rice Krispies
  • Special K
  • Nutri-Grain
  • Pop-Tarts
  • Pringles
  • Cheez-It
  • MorningStar Farms
  • Kashi

These mass market cereal and snack brands that stock the shelves of most household pantries make the most substantial contributions to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's hundreds of millions in radical left grants every year.

So if you don’t want to unintentionally support groups like Black Lives Matter and La Raza, it's time to ditch Kellogg's products and shift to shopping businesses that align with your values!

Shop Your Values: Breakfast Brands on PublicSq

The good news is that you don't have to give up tasty cereal or breakfast to stay true to your values. The PublicSq marketplace offers numerous wholesome cereal and breakfast options from small businesses that embrace principles like faith, family, freedom, and patriotism.

Here are just a few top breakfast brands available on PublicSq. that you can purchase from with the blessed assurance you’re not funding woke agendas that hate you and your values.

  • Gorilla Grains
  • Taste the best gourmet granola you will ever put in your mouth! Made with 100% organic oats, the last bite tastes as good as the first.
  • Savage Snacks
  • Protein-packed Amazebites for the hard-charging, fast-moving, passionate ones. No weird ingredients, no shortage of nutrients, just a snack that fuels the average day of every modern savage.
  • B'cuz Snacks
  • Healthy snack bites your taste buds crave. B'Cuz uses gluten-free oats and other healthy, clean ingredients that leave you feeling full and happy for longer.
  • Grammies Crackers
  • Homemade, wholesome graham crackers. From classic, gluten-free, or vegan, discover a variety of flavors made with love, like everything should be.
  • Cousin T's
  • The woke-loving mob may have canceled Aunt Jemima, but they will NEVER take this face off Cousin T’s pancakes & syrup! Original pancake mixes, syrup, coffee, and more.  
  • Heavenly Waffles
  • Bringing flavor back to your healthy kitchen with mouth watering waffles that taste amazing! So good, it’s nutritiously deceiving.
  • Muscle Up Protein Bars
  • Made with organic cacao nibs and chips, crunchy protein crisps, creamy organic nut butters, espresso beans, and lots of other clean, organic ingredients. Gluten and soy free. 
  • Hidden Foods Co
  • Discover amazing flavors without the “health food” taste! Our foods pack in the protein, fiber, and vitamins that our bodies need to grow, strengthen, and heal.

These breakfast brands are produced, owned, and operated right here in America. When you choose to shop with them over Kellogg's, your dollars are supporting like-minded small business owners rather than leftist activism.

You can browse many more cereal and breakfast brands while discovering inspiring business missions from sellers on PublicSq. It's easy to find new morning favorites that align with your values.

Take a Stand with Your Spending

While Kellogg's ad campaigns bring in millions showcasing smiling families, its true foundations are rooted in funding anti-American ideologies and propaganda. By being an informed consumer and switching to alternatives like the patriotic brands on PublicSq, you can stand firmly planted in your principles.

Don't let woke corporations push you into compromising your values over breakfast. Now that you know the truth, you can make spending choices that truly reflect your beliefs.

PublicSq. is your solution to switch your dollars to support faith, family, and freedom by enjoying cereal and a variety of tasty breakfast staples from proud American-owned businesses determined to preserve this country's core values and ideals. Make a powerful statement with your wallet and put purpose behind your purchases at 🇺🇸