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Ditch Cole Haan and Switch to John Candor Leather

Time to ditch those Cole Haan shoes and their woke-loving views. Switch to the PublicSq. app and shop John Candor Leather for premium leather footwear and goods.

The Cole Haan shoe company has stepped on over and joined in the “global responsibility” mob, reinforcing their soles with the progressive ESG & DEI corporate propaganda. The “prestige” footwear brand not only highlights “social justice” activists pushing woke narratives on their social channels, they use your hard-earned dollars to fund radical LGBTQ organizations that work to force elementary curriculum to include sex education that normalizes LGBTQ orientations, pushes pronoun and gender confusion, and demand that school libraries be stocked with “queer-friendly” books.


Meanwhile, they continue to dig their heels down deep with the rest of the brainwashed herd promoting “climate change” and blare their “journey to zero for their carbon footprint” through their virtue-signaling shoe horn. From belts, to bags, to shoes, their quest for their very own “sustainability” crown shines bright. Include their tokenized “pride collection” to drive that CEI score up even more, and they deserve an extra “patten-leather” pat on the back for sure!

There is an alternative! Slip on out of those woke suede shoes and put your best foot forward by shopping John Candor Leather on PublicSq. You’ll discover exceptional handcrafted leather shoes and goods for men from a business that stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

You don’t have to compromise quality for values. When you shop the tens of thousands of businesses on PublicSq. you can have the confidence that your hard-earned dollars will never help fund progressive ideologies you fundamentally stand against! But you can have the blessed assurance that you are supporting pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom small businesses that provide high-quality products and services. Don’t wait! Join the liberty-loving movement today at