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Cousin T's Pancakes: Taking a Stand Against Cancel Culture

August 10, 2023

The original Aunt Jemima ambassador, Nancy Green, was recruited in 1890 and played the part into the first decade of the 20th century. Green was a storyteller, cook, and missionary worker,serving as one of the founding members of Olivet Baptist Church, the oldest active Black Baptist church in Chicago. Green's three times great nephew echoes the resounding family sentiments, stating, “I don't want Nancy Green’s legacy and what she did under that name to be lost.” If the very families of the women who portrayed Aunt Jemima didn’t want her image removed from the packaging, Williams wonders why ‘white liberals’ decided it was a good idea.It’s evident that the launch of Cousin T's Pancakes is more than just a business venture. He shares his personal and inspirational story on Cousin T’s website, “Growing up in foster care, I always dreamed about big family gatherings around the breakfast table with grandma in the kitchen cooking up a big family breakfast. As a kid, I could almost smell that intoxicating aroma of those delicious hot and fluffy pancakes smothered in butter and warm maple syrup. I always told myself that one day I would make those fabulous pancakes, and as an adult, I have cultivated my love for cooking and my passion for food into my Cousin T's collection. It is my hope that there are many family conversations, laughs and lasting memories made as a result of families and loved ones joining together to eat Cousin T's pancakes.”

When you shop from the tens of thousands of businesses on the PublicSq. app, you can do so with the blessed assurance that your money is going toward a small business, like Cousin T’s, that cares more about standing up for the founding values and principles of our great nation than pleasing the cancel culture mob. So, in the words of Cousin T’s, gather around the table and enjoy a good helping of American old-fashioned family values and a yummy and hearty meal! The culmination of one young boy’s American Dream, William proudly assert, “Cousin T’s is a true American Loving Brand that can’t be cancelled. You won’t take my face off this box!”

Talk about whisking up a batter blunder! Quaker Oats attempt to cancel culture with the rebranding of their popular Aunt Jemima pancake mix to Pearl Milling Company has turned the once beloved breakfast tradition into a flour fiasco. No need to cry over spilled milk! You can ditch the woke brand and rise and shine to Cousin T’s Pancakes & Syrup!You know ‘wokeness’ has reached new heights of absurdity when people get offended at a pancake box! Quaker Oats, owned by parent company PepsiCo, decided to bow to the cancel culture mob and completely rebrand their famous Aunt Jemima pancake mix to Pearl Milling Company in 2020 after over 130 years of tradition. Quaker Oats claimed that the change was a step towards ‘racial equality’, but for many, including well-known actor, comedian, and political commentator Terrence K. Williams, it felt like another attempt by the virtue-signaling ‘powers that be’ to erase another piece of cultural history. “We didn't ask for this,” Williams stated. “It wasn't racist. It was part of my childhood, and now it's been destroyed by people claiming to care about my race, when in fact they're just about the bottom dollar.” In direct response to the erasure of Aunt Jemima and the cancel culture narrative, Williams took a stand – not just with his words, but with a fluffy stack of pancakes. Donning a chef's hat and placing his own image on the packaging, he launched his very own brand, Cousin T's Pancakes. “This has been such a process. I started working on my gourmet pancake mix in 2020 after Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima were cancelled. I was angry. I think everyone was,” shared Williams.

This act of ‘defiance’ against cancel culture garnered both support and backlash, including being put in Facebook ‘jail’. In a social post, Williams shared, “So according to Facebook, my Pancakes are racist!. I’m on 90 day restriction, and now they are also flagging accounts for buying or sharing pictures of my Pancake Mix. This is absolutely crazy, and it has everything to do with me being MAGA! I won’t apologize for it. Anyway, go load up on some “racist” Pancakes!” Williams has even received death threats for his stance, but refuses to cower to the woke mob.Williams is not alone in his sentiments. Family members of the women who portrayed Aunt Jemima over the years expressed their frustration and disappointment at the decision to erase their loved ones' legacies. The grandson of Anna Short Harrington, one of the models who portrayed Aunt Jemima, emphasized in a recent article, “This is an injustice for me and my family. This is part of my history. The racism they talk about, using images from slavery, that comes from the other side – white people. And their answer is to erase my great-grandmother’s history.”

Lillian Richard, once a domestic worker, or servant, became the face of Aunt Jemima and did cooking demonstrations. She is considered one of the first brand ambassadors in America, and her position enabled her to travel, make a living, and become well-known in her community. Her great-niece shared, “She was considered a hero in Hawkins, and we are proud of that. We do not want that history erased. If we wipe out our history, we have nothing to strive for in the future. Our history will help us prosper in the future.” Richard’s great-niece even made a plea to Quaker Oats about the Aunt Jemima image, stating, “A lot of people want it removed. We want the world to know that Lillian was one of the Aunt Jemimas, and she made an honest living. We would ask that you reconsider just wiping all that away.”