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Buy Yakkem Apparel, Ditch Lululemon.

March 16, 2023

Ditch Lululemon. Say hello to pro-America, pro-family Yakkem Apparel!Ladies, you can proudly purchase leggings from Yakkem Apparel and know you’re getting a quality item that meets your athletic standards AND is from a company that unwaveringly stands for life and family! Gentlemen, don’t worry… they have apparel for you as well.

Yakkem Apparel is a PublicSq. business that is on a mission to bring “American values and integrity” back into the high-end athletic apparel industry. From women’s leggings to men’s shorts to sneakers, they provide “premium active-wear at an affordable price”, all while “standing for morals in a moral-less world.”On the other hand, Lululemon is a company that disregards the sanctity of life by openly supporting abortion, donating to the Center for Reproductive Rights, and financially assisting employees who are seeking abortions.

It’s safe to say, it’s time to say goodbye to Lululemon…And it’s time to say hello to the freedom-loving alternative Yakkem Apparel! Head on over to the PublicSq. app to check them out and start shopping your values!

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