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Buy Treign, Ditch Nike.

April 6, 2023

Ditch Nike. Go Treign.Treign is a family owned and operated athletic apparel company on PublicSq. inspiring athletes toward commitment - commitment to themselves, their families, their communities. They offer a wide variety of high-quality men’s and women’s athletic apparel that any athlete would be eager to wear and proud to represent!

Their motto is “Commit, Burn the Ships,” a well-known military command in the days of old which meant retreat was not an option. Treign is a company “dedicated to helping others pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles,” and in the process, never back down. They are unapologetically pro-America, pro-life, and honor the innate differences of men and women alike.Nike, on the other hand, openly contradicts all of these values we stand for. They have demonstrated complete disregard for the intentional design of men and women. In their efforts to be PC, they mock womanhood and femininity, and dishonor men and masculinity by choosing to celebrate and glorify gender dysphoria. Additionally, they champion abortion, covering travel costs for their employees seeking abortions, clearly express anti-American sentiments, and refuse to address unethical labor practices and their manufacturing in foreign countries.

So, contrary to the Nike motto, Just “DON’T do it”. Instead, vote with your dollars and shop at a company that unwaveringly shares your pro-life, pro-family, traditional values like Treign! With their high-quality products and resounding mission of “United We Stand, United We Treign,” this is a company you can proudly support. “Commit and Go Treign.”