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Buy Smile Sciences, Ditch Crest.

February 22, 2023

You can smile proudly knowing these teeth whitening products love freedom!Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening is a PublicSq. small business offering superior and affordable teeth whitening products! Their products are vegan, cruelty free, and don’t cause sensitivity.

After numerous years of working in the dental industry, owner and founder, DeAnna, had a vision. She developed her own gel and launched this family-owned and operated business in 2011. Their business has grown rapidly ever since, offering products ranging from whitening strips and pens to gel trays and ultra red & blue light laser whitening devices. Smile Sciences truly has it all and proudly stands for family, life, and traditional values.

While big name brands and their parent companies, such as Crest and Procter & Gamble, push woke agendas and virtue signaling throughout their campaigns, Smile Sciences aligns 100% with your traditional, pro-American values.

You can confidently shop your values with Smile Sciences! Check out their amazing products and be sure to use their generous discount code “Publicsq” for 50% off at checkout!