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Ditch UGG and Switch to SheepSkin and Alpaca on PublicSq.

Ugg-solutely woke! Ugg is just one more casualty in the cancel culture fashion camp. Make the switch to SheepSkin and Alpaca on PublicSq. 

Once, a toasty hug for your feet, the boot brand has left us cold, pairing up with the ESG puppeteers seeking to “become a DEI industry leader.” Whether it's walking in step with progressive LGBTQ nonprofits trying to “trans” youth struggling with self-worth and direction, or donating to a Planned Parenthood affiliate responsible for killing nearly 6,000 babies in 2021, the footwear company adamantly shoves their radical ideology in the face of their consumers. 

They aggressively tokenize people based on gender confusion and misguided sexual orientation, while “encouraging” employees to list their “pronouns” in their email signatures. They joined with their parent company, Deckers in donating large amounts of funds to the extremist BLM organization and seek to expand employee benefits to include “transgender and fertility care programs.”

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