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Buy Seven Weeks Coffee, Ditch Starbucks

January 12, 2023

Coffee that’s unapologetically pro-life!Seven Weeks Coffee is one of PublicSq.'s businesses that proudly believes in the sanctity of life. The very name of their company even embodies their values.

"At seven weeks of development a baby is the size of a coffee bean—and for the first time, a heartbeat is clearly detectable."

Unfortunately, Starbucks, among so many others, openly funds Planned Parenthood and covers travel expenses for employees' abortions and gender-transitioning procedures. On the contrary, Seven Weeks Coffee has a resolute mission “to promote Godly values, provide excellent coffee, and protect every beating heart.”

For every sale, Seven Weeks Coffee donates 10% to pregnancy care centers across the country. In 2022 alone, they were able to raise over $50,000 for these centers that seek to protect life in the womb as well as come alongside expectant mothers.

At PublicSq, we're providing a way for you to actually be able to discover & shop at businesses that share your values, even when it comes to coffee. Head to our app to find many more pro-life companies and their unique discounts for PublicSq. users!

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