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Buy Muscle Up Bars, Ditch RX Bars

May 26, 2023

Time to Muscle Up your protein bar game! Buy Muscle Up Bars and ditch RXBar.RXBar, the protein bar said to be made of “simple ingredients,” is serving up a whole lot more than meets the eye! When you purchase an RXBar you’re also giving your hard-earned dollars to a company that covers abortion procedures as well as travel costs for employees who need to travel for the legal termination of their unborn baby’s life. RXBar is a proud financial supporter of the progressive LGBTQ agenda and makes sure they hit their diversity quota when hiring employees!

When you shop at a PublicSq. business you can be sure that your money is not supporting progressive agendas! Muscle Up Protein Bars are just that: a pro-life, pro-family, pro-constitution company that is leveling up the protein bar market while giving back to local police and firefighters! Created by two liberty-loving elite athletes, Muscle Up is the Official Protein bar for USA Weightlifting! These bars fuel Americans around the country with the promise that each bar will have 2-3 times more protein than sugar and will never have sugar alcohol or stevia!