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Buy Harlo, Ditch H&M

January 18, 2023

Women’s clothing boutique that is proudly pro-family & celebrates femininity.Harlo Boutique is a darling, freedom-loving clothing shop that is owned & operated by a mother and daughter in Nevada! They offer fashionable and stylish clothing pieces in their flourishing online store so ladies from any state can purchase.

"In 2005, Michelle Kaiser opened up her first hair salon in Las Vegas. What began as only selling a few accessories located at the salons front desk, has now evolved into a thriving clothing boutique along with a rapidly growing social media presence. In 2022, Michelle, her sister Kathy, and her daughter Olivia decided to take the boutique to a bigger platform and "Harlo" was created. The team personally selects each piece with the latest fashion trends in mind."

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