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Buy Good Ranchers, Ditch Butcherbox

January 13, 2023

Purchase meat born, raised, and sourced all in the USA!

Good Ranchers is a PublicSq. business that truly is America-First through and through. The founders Ben and Corley Spell launched the company back in 2018 with a mission to restore American’s dinner tables back to their former glory of gathering community around quality meals. With excellent, real, and affordable “USDA prime beef, pasture-raised chicken, and fresh seafood” sourced from only local, independent farmers in the USA, Good Ranchers is shaking up the meat industry and setting new standards.

"Good Ranchers exists to connect the American family to the American farm."

Sadly, many companies import their meat products from other countries, which can often result in inflated prices or loss of quality. Butcher Box outsources their meat from other countries, celebrates their DEI policies and ESG policies, and gives preferential treatment and financial grants to certain farmers depending on their skin color, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

On the contrary, one of our PublicSq. core values is that we believe people should be seen for who they are, not for their skin color, gender, or ethnicity. We strongly uphold that we ought to be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character. Good Ranchers, along with so many other PublicSq. businesses, proudly stand firm in that conviction as well.

With every order placed with Good Ranchers, they donate 10 meals to Americans in need. Through the support of their subscribers, they have been able to donate over a million meals!

Head on over to the app to learn more about Good Ranchers, find their special discount code for PublicSq. users, and enjoy some all-American meat.

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