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Buy Garnuu, Ditch Tampax.

January 1, 1970

While Patagonia is rejecting consumerism by literally handing their company over to “Mother Earth,” covering costs for employees to travel for abortions and focusing on becoming an “antiracist” company through their support of BLM, Choona is a patriotic outdoor company that is unapologetically aligned with PublicSq’s values.On top of it, after a well-known resort in Wyoming recently hosted a conservative fundraiser, Patagonia announced they will no longer supply the resort with any of their products. Bottom line, it’s time to ditch Patagonia.

Choona designs, develops and manufactures their quality products in America so they can ensure your purchase is not funding sweatshops or contributing unnecessary waste to landfills… all without going woke. By shopping with Choona, you are supporting a small business that is putting in the work to make the “Made in USA” sticker a reality.This is an alternative many people have been asking for, and you can easily find them today on PublicSq.Ditch Patagonia and Buy Choona!

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