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Buy Carly Jean, Ditch Madewell

January 23, 2023

Carly Jean Los Angeles: jeans that are proudly pro-life!

With popular jean brand, Madewell, announcing that the proceeds of their new clothing collection is going towards funding abortion, we found a freedom-loving jean alternative that adamantly stands for life!

Based out of Malibu, California, PublicSq. small business Carly Jean Los Angeles (CJLA) is a “capsule clothing and lifestyle brand that exists to help women simplify their closets and feel beautiful in every season of life.” That includes the seasons of motherhood and maternity too.

"As a mom of 4, Carly realized that there weren’t any clothing brands out there that truly simplified getting dressed and made it easy to feel confident and put-together as a mom! So this is what started CJLA! Carly Jean Los Angeles gives you the resources to feel amazing everyday whether you’re a mom at home, a student, a young professional or a grandma! Our clothing is timeless, easy-fitting, mixes and matches, and will last through your many seasons of life."

They whole-heartedly believe in the sanctity of life, champion family, and celebrate motherhood. With their fashionable, high-quality, and comfortable jeans, CJLA truly makes shopping your values so rewarding & fun! So head on over to the PublicSq. app to vote with your wallets by shopping pro-life

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