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Buy Apple Valley Natural Soap, Ditch Dr. Bronner's.

March 30, 2023

It’s time to ditch Dr. Bronner’s. And instead, shop at pro-life, pro-family Apple Valley Natural Soap!AVNS is a family-owned business on PublicSq. that specializes in natural and organic soaps for skin and hair care! AVNS whole-heartedly believes that “less is more.” Each of their products is made with simple, nutrient dense ingredients that are crafted with intention to effectively nourish, heal, and rejuvenate the skin. These all-natural products are designed to be life-giving and they truly are in more ways than one. AVNS proudly believes in the sanctity of life and family, donating 10% of its profits to nonprofits, one being a pregnancy resource center.

Sadly, the ever-popular brand Dr. Bronner’s has done the exact opposite. They have expressed support of abortion, as seen on the “Don’t Ban Equality” initiative, and have supported the “genderqueer / trans camp Gender Blender at Burning Man and nonprofit Queerdom… for many years.” Promoting abortion and encouraging gender dysmorphia is in fact, not life-giving.Thankfully, there are amazing pro-life, pro-family alternatives, and that’s why we’re so grateful for AVNS! Not only are their products all-natural, organic, and effective, but they boldly stand for traditional values, with a sincere desire for all of their customers to experience joy from using their products. Find them on the PublicSq. app and enjoy shopping!

Sources: Support of abortion - Encouraging gender dysphoria