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Buy American Woman Beauty, Ditch Sephora

January 12, 2023

It’s time to ditch woke Sephora and buy from freedom-loving companies like American Woman Beauty and Amy June Lashes.Putting purpose behind your purchases is easier than ever with PublicSq. for beauty and skincare products, instead of supporting companies like Sephora that have monopolized the cosmetics market for far too long and have implemented mandates and woke ideology in recent years.

American Woman Beauty was created for the “fearless Free Thinking Woman.” They were founded on the idea that “all women, men, and children deserve high quality beauty, grooming, and hygiene products that are made in the USA."

American Woman Beauty proudly supports first responders, veterans, active military, and victims of trafficking. Click here to receive a special discount for active duty military, veterans, and first responders.

Along with American Woman Beauty, Amy June Lashes is another pro-America brand that aims to empower women instead of promoting opposing ideologies. Amy June Lashes is based out of Southern California where they pride themselves in their great quality products, pricing, and customer service.

“Amy June Lashes was founded in 2015 by Amy Tejeda. Amy Tejeda is a professional makeup artist and licensed Esthetician. Amy was finding that she was spending more than she wanted for lashes that she could only wear 2-3 times before they would fall apart (even with proper care). After extensive research, trial and error; this is where Amy June Lashes came about. ALL of her lashes can be worn up to 10 times and often times even more. We are NOT talking ONLY mink; we are talking the synthetic too! This helps lash lovers save money!”

Click here to shop Amy June Lashes!