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Buy America First Healthcare, Ditch Blue Shield

February 17, 2023

Affordable healthcare you can trust! PublicSq. business America First Healthcare is providing Americans and businesses alike with excellent insurance plans featuring very low deductibles! Their plans include nationwide coverage (PPO), $0 annual deductible, $0 copay, virtual MD, and provide customers with the freedom to choose the doctor and hospital that they want, including holistic doctors. Not only that, America First Healthcare also 100% aligns with your pro-life, pro-medical freedom values.

Sadly, many insurance companies, including Blue Shield, allocate funds to Planned Parenthood and cover travel expenses for employees’ abortions, as well as offered financial incentives for receiving the [email protected] the contrary, America First Healthcare is an alternative committed to standing for life and for the medical freedom of their members all the while providing quality insurance options for individuals and their families.

Jordan Sarmiento is the Founder & CEO of America First Healthcare. As an entrepreneur and former touring musician, Jordan understands how expensive health insurance can be and how important it is to find health insurance that works for you where you work.Jordan believes America is the greatest country on the planet. Government is best when it is small and when it allows private businesses to serve its people, that’s why he believes wholeheartedly in private health insurance.In 2021, Jordan was hospitalized for 6 days and racked up $95,000 in medical bills. With an America First Healthcare health insurance plan, Jordan would only have to pay $500."